Helpful Decluttering Information


Donation Locations

I am a big advocate of donating usable items if you do not want to try to sell them on your own. I can deliver your decluttered items to a donation center for you or the following are a few locations you could take donations around southern Johnson County, Kansas: 

City Union Mission


Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City ReStore

Mission Southside

Salvation Army


Recycling & Waste Disposal Locations

I am a big advocate of disposing of waste properly. I can deliver items to the proper location for you or the following are locations where you can recycle or dispose of old or used items in Johnson County:

Non-hazardous recyclable waste: 

Overland Park Recycling Center 


Best Buy

Hazardous Waste:

*Both hazardous waste locations are by appointment only except the Olathe location accepts items without an appointment on the second Saturday of each month.

Expired/Old Medications:

Overland Park drop off locations

Helpful Decluttering Information

Overland Park Recycling Extravaganza

These are held twice a year.

Check back for the spring date...will publish as soon as known!