Frequently Asked Questions


What does a professional organizer do?

   As a professional organizer, I will be a personal guide in helping you develop organizational systems in any area of your home that will continue to work well for you long after I leave. Clients say I reduce stress, eliminate waste and simplify their lives, but those are just the added benefits. 

Why should I hire a professional organizer?

   There are many reasons people hire a professional organizer.  Sometimes it's just too overwhelming to even know where to begin. It's helpful to have an objective view of your situation--I can see things from another perspective. Lack of time to get organized is another big reason. Maybe you have tried multiple organizational systems and they just aren't making life easier; I can assess the situation and make new suggestions for the area.

What areas do you organize?

   You are welcome to check out my Services page. I can help in any area where you would like a new or revamped organizational system. If areas are cluttered and congested or you're having a hard time finding things that you end up repurchasing before you find them, I can help.

Do I have to be there while you are organizing?

   It works best if the client works alongside me in the beginning during the decluttering stage, but after that we can work together or I can finish on my own. It really depends on the project. 

Is it necessary to purge items?

   I will never make you get rid of anything you don't want to, but it is best while organizing to eliminate items that you no longer use or love. Decluttering frees up space and also frees up time for you. It also can save money by not requiring you to buy more organizational products. 

Will I have to buy organizational products? 

   I really try to use what you already have, but yes, you may see a need for some organizational products, which will be an additional cost. Decluttering first really helps to eliminate unnecessary and excessive purchases. When products are needed, we can shop together, you can do the shopping on your own, or I can purchase the items for you (within your budget). 

What takes place at the free consultation?

   I will come to your home or business and assess the situation. You can explain what you would like done and what has worked for you or what hasn't worked. I will estimate how long it might take to complete the project. We will discuss if you want "homework" to do on your own to cut down on cost or if you want me to do everything. We will discuss a budget as well and schedule a time to start organizing.

Are your hours flexible to work around my schedule?


What payments are accepted?  

   I accept cash and checks. Payment is due at the end of each work session or in full before the session if a discounted package is purchased.


I'm so embarrassed about my space. Will my sessions be confidential and do you post pictures?

   Everything we do is definitely confidential. Don't worry, I've seen it all. I don't discuss client sessions. Also, you never have to share photos, but you might be so happy with the results that you end up posting them yourself and allow me to post as well!